Useful Unicode resources

Over the years I’ve collected some good Unicode resources I might as well share.

Navigators and Directories

  • Facebook symbols, which organizes and lists symbols in categories for easy access to post on social media.
  •, which has a bit of an old fashioned design but includes a ton of useful information on the specifics of each characters.
  • Unicode Lookup provides a handy search function to find particular characters.
  • Unicode Search, another search tool.
  • Unicode Table, which is similar to Unicodinator (see below), but provides a cool feature of showing a map of where on Earth different characters are used.
  • Unicode Table For You gives you some useful sliders to move around Unicode tables.
  • Unicodinator, a visual unicode navigator I created, allowing you to infinitely scroll through the entire multilingual plane (0 – DFFF). Very helpful if you are looking for a character and don’t know what precisely you are looking for.
  • Unify, a growing list of characters along with information about what devices and browsers can display them.

Articles and Education

JavaScript libraries

  • CharFunk is a library I wrote that provides some of the functionality that Java’s Character class does.
  • JS Codepoints extends String to allow you to count codepoints properly.
  • XRegExp provides RegExp functionality that works correctly with Unicode.

Other tools and resources

  • Alan Wood’s Unicode resources collects a bunch of useful links and information.
  • Shapecatcher is a super useful tool that lets you draw a symbol and then shows you the characters that match.
  • is the site of the Unicode Consortium and so is the final say for all things Unicode.
  • Unifoundry provides a GNU Unicode font to allow display of every code point in the Unicode BMP.

Let me know if I missed any other useful resources!

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