3 basic feature requests for the new Wii

Next year Nintendo will be putting out a new version of the Wii, which is long overdue. There are plenty of rumors about the high tech things the new Wii might do (hi-def, cameras, etc). However, not much of this interests me. While I’ve been known to get it on like Donkey Kong, I’ve never […]

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{{mustache}} templates!

At Advanced BusinessLink we’ve had server-side templates built into our web technology since the mid 90’s. A few years ago I built a Javascript template library for use in the browser, which is incredibly fast and useful (and something I’d love to open source someday). I cannot stand embedding HTML code in program code, as […]

Stupeflix – Video from anything, so awesome

http://www.stupeflix.com/wikivideos/stupeflix/ This app lets you ingest content from elsewhere and create awesome videos automatically.  Or, you can get really down and dirty editing an XML file to configure transitions, order, etc.  Just take a look…  All I can say is "wow". ShareFacebookEmail

Don’t be afraid to say "I don’t know"

This past week in Computer Forensics in the Law we were covering the rules for expert witnesses.  One of the rules when on the witness stand, and several variations thereafter, was “If you don’t know the answer, say so.”  This is good advice in many other areas of life, no place else more than in […]

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I have found a good resource for producing proper MLA citations: the MLA Citation Generator.  Just select the type of citation, fill out the relavent fields, and you are done.  One caveat is that you must format the date strings properly yourself (e.g. 3 “Mar 2009”). As an aside, why don’t books include the MLA and […]

Google Public Data announced

Google has announced a new feature which lets you view public stats such as unemployment data over time.  This is really cool.  I hope they open up a data API soon!  There are definately some interesting simple gadgets and apps I can imagine for this. ShareFacebookEmail

OK Oracle, please don’t kill MySql (or Java)

I really hope that Oracle’s purchase of Sun is a great thing for the industry somehow. But I just hope they don’t kill MySql to defend their own database. And I hope they see value in re-injecting some energy into Java, or, barring that, just open it up completely. http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/20/oracle-wants-to-be-the-apple-of-the-enterprise-but-it-just-became-ibm/ ShareFacebookEmail

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G as in Good: Outlook Web Access

I had to get my laptop into the shop for some service (cooling system on the fritz) and so have been using Outlook Web Access for my work email. I am not a very big fan of Microsoft UI work, but Outlook is one of their best offerings in my opinion. And they have done […]